Data Science and Applications (DataSCI) is an international peer-reviewed (refereed) journal which publishes original and quality research articles in the field of Data Science and its applications. DataSCI is published twice per year online. The aim of the journal is to publish original scientific researches based on data analysis from both life and social sciences. DataSCI also provides a data-sharing platform that will bring together international researchers, professionals and academics. The DataSCI magazine accepts articles written in English.

Our journal covers all the studies based on data  analysis from both lifeand social sciences. Your data-based works can also be accepted in areas not mentioned below.

  • # scientific data mining, machine learning, and Big Data analytics
  • # scientific data management, network analysis, and knowledge discovery
  • # scholarly communication and (semantic) publishing
  • # research data publication, indexing, quality, and discovery
  • # data wrangling, integration, and provenance of scientific data
  • # trend analysis, prediction, and visualization of research topics
  • # scalable computing, analysis, and learning for Data Science
  • # scientific web services and executable workflows
  • # scientific analytics, intelligence, and real time decision making
  • # socio-technical systems
  • # social impacts of Data Science

Vol 3 No 2 (2020)

Published: 2020-12-31

Stock Market Value Prediction using Deep Learning

Seyda Kalyoncu, Akhtar Jamil, Enes Karataş, Jawad Rasheed, Chawki Djeddi


Red Dot Determination with 6 Axis ABB Robot Arm

Güzin Tirkeş, Esra Nur Odabaşı, Simge Aytar, Gözde Nur Adışanlı, İbrahim Turan Bastacıoğlu


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